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Hard: National Reference In the markets of premolded and metallic construction, building, industry of modeling, prototyping and tooling.

Leader in the segment of fastening for metallic construction in Brazil, HARD has been specialized in the development, manufacture and sale of innovating solutions since 1985, when it was created in Porto Alegre (RS). With the quick expansion of its business, the company saw the need to increase its structure, inaugurating two new branches, in Santa Catarina and São Paulo.

In 2004, the parent company was transferred to Joinville (SC) and its performance came to e encompass all the Brazilian territory, by means of the support of its external commercial team and representatives present in several cities.

The product lines of HARD are in accordance with international validation and have the certification FM Approved with exclusiveness in Brazil.


Principles and Fundaments

To grow, we need to know where we want to arrive. Hard is aware that, to attain its aims, it is necessary to make known its principles and foundations, besides aligning its strategies and actions with them.

Our Business
Our Business

Offer innovation in all segments that we act to facilitate the life of the client

Our Mission
Our Mission

Raise the constructive pattern of the countries we operate

Our Vision
Our Vision

In 2022, to invoice R$ 115 million with 12% of Gross Operating Revenue in innovative products

Our Values
Our Values

• Seeking efficiency simply
• Commitment
• Entrepreneurship
• Specialization
• Sustainability
• Enhancement and acknowledgement of People
• Innovation

Market in which we perform

The Evolution of Hard

Hard - 1985 1985

Start of activities in the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

Hard - 1986 1986

Launching of the first product line: epoxy resins for recovery and coating of pumps and valves, with greater resistance to abrasion than steel.

Hard - 1987 1987

Start of sales of special screws, with Double Hi-Lo Thread for plastic, lobular and self-drilling for industry and building, becoming a pioneer in launching for fasteners in Brazil.

Hard - 1988 1988

Hard also came to manufacture polyurethane foams for surf boards.

Hard - 1989 1989

The company started to sell special lubricants and grease of high performance for machining and stamping, products of high added value and technology.

Hard - 1990 1990

Offer of self-drilling screws, substituting rivets in bus floors.

Hard - 1995 1995

The company increased its operations to all the southern region of Brazil and formed technical and commercial partnerships with companies in the USA and European Union.

Hard - 1996 1996

Resale of self-drilling fasteners with anticorrosive coating and high performance for metallic covers and start of import of screws from the USA.

Hard - 1997 1997

Year marked by the resale of Ultimate and stainless steel 304 screws for fastening metallic covers, as well as by the acquisition of the machine of Kesternich.

Hard - 1998 1998

Hard began to manufacture self-drilling screws with marking “H” in the head and quality of Hard. The focus of this first line is screws for metallic construction and screws for buses and trucks. In that year, there also occurred the launching of the innovating anticorrosive coating Ecoseal of fasteners for metallic construction, exclusively of Hard.

Hard - 1999 1999

The company came to offer complete solutions in fastening systems for metallic construction, focusing upon industrial operations. This year was also marked by the launching of the Color Head system, by the start of the sale of PC 6N + G130/30 in the ceramic industry and the import of resins from Italy and polyurethane (PU) plates from the USA.

Hard - 2000 2000

Hard began a successful business of sale of resins and polyurethane (PU) plates for modeling and tool shop, such as plate PH-5210 for casting models, replacing steel and aluminum. In that year, the first sales agreement of sale of plate for the automotive industry was executed. The company also placed on the air its first institutional website, which was recently reformulated.

Hard - 2001 2001

The first branch outside Rio Grande do Sul was opened, in Joinville, the largest city in Santa Catarina State, industrial and logistics center of the region. This branch came to act as a distribution center for all of Brazil, due to its localization, near highway BR-101. In that year the tape Tacky-Tape was also launched, a solution for sealing metallic covers.

Hard - 2002 2002

Inauguration of the branch in São Paulo (SP), focusing upon the metallic construction segment. After a period of expansion, in 2003 it came to supervise the states of Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Goiás, Distrito Federal, Tocantins, Moto Grosso do Sul, Moto Grosso and the north of Paraná.

Hard - 2004 2004

In search of an industrial park, the expansion of the commercial area and the performance of the company, Hard transferred all the parent company to Joinville and started the construction of its own headquarters in the Santa Catarina city. It also started the manufacture of its own resins of maintenance and modeling.

Hard - 2005 2005

Hard commemorated the 20th anniversary of its founding and inaugurated its own headquarters in Joinville (SC), with large and modern installations, for greater comfort and speed in serving its customers and coworkers. In that year it also launched Durs Repair.

Hard - 2006 2006

After a year in the new address, Hard began to build its second building. The year was also marked by the start of manufacturing in Zinmec coating, zinc coating and mechanical galvanization.

Hard - 2007 2007

In September of that year, Hard Comércio (Hard Trade) moved to the new building, with another 1,800 m2 of built area. Now, each company is in its own building, with much more space to serve its customers and develop its manufacturing services better. In 2007, the company also launched the Hard Model and Hard Stamp system in the automotive segment.

Hard - 2008 2008

Hard makes a partnership with an American company to supply exclusive anchoring systems (gas fastening, screws threaded on concrete). Thereby, great products such as Wedge Bolt, Tapper and Trak-it are launched. Year also marked by the implementation of HIT, a new business management system.

Hard - 2009 2009

Launching of HTV – a motor-home totally built to take complete training right to the work site and creation of the Hardfix and Hardthane lines.

Hard - 2010 2010

Hard completed 25 years and launched the Zaphir Line, first self-drilling fastener in stainless steel 304 in Brazil.

Hard - 2012 2012

More technology, new solutions. Acquisition of UV chamber, for accelerated bad weather tests, and the launching of the Over Head Fastening System, the anchor bolt Hardbolt, the Battery Sealant Applicator and the Gas Fastening System C5 and AG.

Hard - 2013 2013

Modern processes which certify our differentials. Modernization of its laboratories, with the replacement of two chambers: one of Salt Spray, which simulates the maritime environment and generation by salt spray, and the other of Kesternich, which simulates acid rain, present in environments of intense pollution.

Hard - 2014 2014

Higher quality which the world certifies. Hard, in a pioneering way in Brazil, gains the important international certification FM Approval, confirming that the products of the brand fulfill world class requirements. Launching of the new line of Sealants (Hardthane MS, Hardthane SMP and Hardflex).

Hard - 2015 2015

We completed 30 years’ innovation. We launched the products Premium of the Chemical Anchoring line and Software HDF. Inauguration of own headquarters in São Paulo (SP) and the application of new marketing management. Hard is prepared for the next 30 years, indeed, the future of one who believes that it is possible to do more and better every day.

Hard - 2016 2016

Doors open to the world. Hard expands its horizons and starts to export to other countries in Latin America. Furthermore, a new site was launched, with a new browsing system and modern layout.

Hard - 2017 2017

Evolution leading to growth.
Hard Indústria changed its corporate name to Brahen Indústria e Comércio de Polímeros Ltda.