Institutional QUALITY

How we differentiate ourselves Quality is synonymous with the Hard brand and is present in all our lines. Even so, Hard undertakes to provide the market with something even better than merely another product.

Complete Solution

Complete product mix and high level of inventories, ensuring fulfillment of terms and better commercial conditions.


Constant research for development of new products and technical support for specification and application of its products


Exclusive laboratory for execution of several quality tests, such as tests of Salt Spray, Kesternich (acid rain) and UV chamber.


Products with 100% traceability, i.e., they are followed up closely from their origin to their distribution, ensuring Hard superior quality.

Hard Certifications

Hard, in a pioneering way in Brazil, gains the important international certification FM Approval, confirming that the products of the brand fulfill world class requirements.

The requirements evaluated of the quality system include test procedures for inspection of receipt of raw material and control of manufacturing quality, engineering documentation, measurement systems, procedures for traceability and treatment of anomalies.

First company of fasteners in Brazil with certification FM Approved

Hard is a pioneer in gaining the rigorous certification FM Approval in Brazil, confirming that its products fulfill world class requirements, undergoing annual inspections and furthering benefits for its customers, as the fasteners have greater durability and mechanical resistance regarding the forces and damage which can be caused by nature.

Validated by European
Technical Approval

Issued by an independent European body, this validation follows the directives of European Technical Approval and is classified by options from 1 to 12. The organization which certifies the quality is CE European Conformity. All the products which contain the mark CE are acknowledged internationally and can be freely sold in the countries of Europe.

Leed Environmental Guidance
and Certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a System of international certification which covers 143 countries. Its purpose is to encourage that projects, works and operations of buildings enhance sustainability. The HARD products undergo LEED Tested, which measures the level of VOC (volatile organic solvents) existing in their composition. The attention to this detail ensures that the HARD Sealant and Chemical Anchoring Systems can be used in works which contain this certification.

1 billion fasteners sold,
zero defects

All the products manufactured undergo rigorous laboratory tests, in order to ensure quality, safety and durability, always in compliance with national and international standards. The quality standard of HARD has already delivered to customers more than a billion fasteners for metallic covers, without any defect of corrosion recorded in its history of high credibility and satisfaction.

We are excellence in each process, In the quest for higher quality.

Every production process of Hard, from development to manufacturing, is followed up by qualified professionals, uses cutting edge technology and strictly follows national and international standards, such as ABNT, ASTM, DIN and ETAG.

Each stage is tested and reviewed as many times as necessary, indeed, the standard of quality, safety and durability needs to be always in accordance with market requirements and demands

1 Product Design

The new design undergoes a profound marketing study, which evaluates the customer’s requirements in detail.

2 Test 1 - Prototype

After the development, the tests start, evaluating the correct functioning of the product. If the requirement of adjustments is detected, the design is reviewed until the product functions perfectly.

3 Manufacture of the Pilot Batch

The best execution of the design also depends upon raw materials of quality, ensuring the reliability of the manufacturing process and the uniformity of the finished product.

4 Test 2 - Pilot Batch

HARD tests the product in the field, with its application in real situations, ensuring total compliance with the standards which rule it.

5 Production on a large scale

With the process 100% adjusted and assured, the product enters the production line.

6 Test 3 - Quality Control

Control to evaluate all the parameters of the product, executing durability and performance tests in all the stages of the production chain, such as Salt Spray Chamber, Kesternich Chamber, UV Chamber, etc. Counter-samples are maintained of all the approved batches, allowing 100% traceability of each product

7 Inventory

Each product is stocked carefully, in accordance with the individual storage conditions and temperature specifications, avoiding damage affecting its use.

8 Commercial

To be able to aid in diagnosis and offer better solutions for each requirements of customers, the professionals of Hard undergo technical and practical training concerning product application.