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Infinity Porcelain Grout Hybrid grout for porcelain tiles - ICOM Technology

Infinity Porcelain Grout is a hybrid grout, based on composites, ultra thin, suitable for applications in porcelain tiles, decorative ceramics and tiles in internal areas. It can be applied in leaks from 1 to 4 mm thick. Super smooth finish makes cleaning quick and easy. It has anti-mold and anti-fungal additives, and is also completely waterproof. Non-staining and highly resistant to chemicals.

Easy clean and only with water

The porous-free material inhibits the accumulation of dirt, prevents stains and makes cleaning much faster.

Anti-fungus and Anti-mold

Its 100% waterproof composition, with additives to fight fungus and mildew, is also entirely resistant to cleaning chemicals.

Fast and easy to apply

Application, finishing and cleaning. These 3 steps are enough for an uncomplicated application and an extremely smooth finish.

Hard Group

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  • Easy clean, just with water
  • Fast and easy to apply (2x faster than cementitious and acrylic grouts and 4x faster than epoxy grouts).
  • ULTRA FINE – Can be applied to 1mm leaks.
  • High durability – up to 10 years of Reference Lifetime (VUR)
  • Does not scratch the porcelain
  • Super smooth finish
  • Flexible

Main Applications

  • Polished porcelain tiles
  • Natural/matte porcelain tiles
  • Rough/anti-slip porcelain tiles
  • Bathrooms and Laundry
  • New floors or renovations
  • Marbles and Granites”

HARD GROUT INFINITY PORCELAIN is a product with iCom (Intelligent Composities) technology, allowing the best of different chemical bases and polymers to be used in the formulation of its grouts, making them hybrids. Its bi-component formulation that cures through the chemical reaction between components A and B that takes place in the mixing nozzle. After curing, it forms a semi-flexible, impermeable polymer with excellent adhesion to porcelain and ceramic tiles, ensuring full filling of leaks through its injection system.


• 400ml cartridge – comes with nozzle for application

Porcelain Dimensions Width of the Trail
Dimensões (L x C) 1 mm 1,5 mm 2 mm 3 mm
300 x 150 cm 45-48 m² 30-32 m² 22-24 m² 15-16 m²
260 x 120 cm 37-40 m² 25-26,5 m² 18,5-20 m² 12,5-13,5 m²
200 x 100 cm 30-32 m² 20-21 m² 15-16 m² 10-11 m²
180 x 90 cm 27,5-29 m² 18-19 m² 13,5-14,5 m² 9-9,5 m²
150 x 100 cm 27-28 m² 18-19 m² 13-14 m² 8-9 m²
120 x 120 cm 27-29 m² 18,5-19,5 m² 13,5-14,5 m² 9-9,5 m²
100 x 100 cm 22-24 m² 15-16 m² 11-12 m² 7-8 m²
90 x 90 cm 20-22 m² 13,5-14,5 m² 10-11 m² 6,5-7,5 m²
80 x 80 cm 18-19 m² 11-12 m² 8-9 m² 5-6 m²
80 x 40 cm 12-13 m² 8-8,5 m² 6-6,5 m² 3,5-4 m²
60 x 60 cm 13-14,5 m² 9-9,5 m² 6,5-7 m² 4,5-5 m²
60 x 30 cm 9-9,5 m² 6-6,5 m² 4,5-5 m² 3-3,5 m²
50 x 50 cm 11,5-12 m² 7,5-8 m² 5,5-6 m² 3,5-4 m²


cartela de cores_Infinity-porcelanato-en

  • Chemical Base: Hybrid grout with ICOM technology
  • Working time: 20 – 40 min.
  • Curing time: 6 to 10 hours
  • Application temperature (surface): 5°C to 35°C
  • Release for light traffic and water contact: 10 hours
  • Clearance for heavy traffic: 24 hours
  • Validity: 24 months”
  1. The leak must be 2-3 mm deep. Therefore, in case of renovation, remove the old grout with the Hard Grout Extractor. 
2. In case of new flooring, remove excess mortar with Hard Leakage Cleaner. 
3. Then, don’t forget to clean all the dust with the help of a brush or vacuum. 
4. In case of rough floors, apply Hard Grout Release Agent on both sides of the leak. To prevent the release from entering the leak, always do it in the longitudinal direction.
5. Remove the cartridge cap and attach the nozzle. Then, place the cartridge in the applicator and cut the nozzle at 45º. 
6. Discard 15 cm of the product. 
7. Then apply the grout to the leak evenly. 
8. Soon after, finish in continuous lines, pressing with the Hard Finishing Spatula. 
9. After 8 hours, remove the burrs with the help of the Hard Cleaning Spatula. 
10. And ready! Your grout will be applied. 

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